Título: The Christ Temptations – A Metaphor Individuation as a model for education
Ano: 2016
Orientador: Robert Strubel

Resumo: What analysis has showed is the increase of psychic tension at both individual and collective levels. Children, adolescents and their families have had the highest levels of unconscious suffering I have ever seen. As their responsibility for unconscious processes has not been accepted, the problematic psychological situation makes their lives and relationships psychologically unhealthy. Also, contrary to Jung’s reflexions, parents and, as a consequence, children have assumed a social persona, more and more often, deviated from the inner values, from the very beginning. The ethical Jungian model is a way toward the personal inner voice that guides the individuation process and implies finding one’s own path, which is separate from the collective. It provides the necessary attitude and courage to follow the path. Using the Three Temptations of Christ as a metaphor for a new familiar social educational model, this thesis is a reflection concerning preventive daily attitudes. It intends to be an instrument for aiding parents, families and teachers in their individuation processes and, consequently, offering new values to children.

Palavras-chave: Children, individuation, temptations the model.