Thomas Singer (Editor)

Each city embodies distinctive psychological qualities—in its geography and architecture, its bright lights and shadowy realms, in the deep patterns that recur throughout its history, in its global connections, and in the singular lives of its past and current inhabitants. But although each is unique, all must face the archetypal, dialectical nature of the cosmopolitan itself, as well as the particular tensions, terrors, and promises common to modern urban life world-wide.
The contributors to Psyche & the City are all Jungian analysts and cultural thinkers, working with a notion of “soul” that comprehends both spirit and matter, bridging dualistic conceptions while recognizing the inherent value of each individual perspective. Writing specially for this volume, the authors freely employ personal anecdote and reverie, factual background, biography, imaginal amplification, and creative speculation to evoke the souls of their own home cities.
This book is a hymn to the soul intended not only for readers familiar with Jungian ideas, but for anyone who cares about the state of their own soul, about their fellow citizens, and about the soul of the city itself.
Neste livro, idealizado como um guia para se percorrer a alma das grande metrópoles contemporâneas, o capítulo dedicado a São Paulo, “Harlequin City”, única cidade da América do Sul a figurar no volume, é de autoria de Gustavo Barcellos.

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