Joanne Stroud(Editora da Série)
Robert Sardello(Editor)
Gustavo Barcellos

Livro que registra as contribuições ao Simpósio James Hillman 2014, do The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture, com o capítulo “South and the Soul”, que reproduz a apresentação de Gustavo Barcellos no Simpósio.
The second annual Conference and Celebration of the Life and Work of James Hillman at the Dallas Institute, October 17th-18th, 2014. Inaugurated and supported by friends of James Hillman and by scholars of his founding work in the field of archetypal psychology, the Hillman Celebration is the leading forum for an ongoing discussion of Hillman’s Uniform Edition, the 10-volume collection of his writings, co-published by the Dallas Institute and Spring Publications. The mission of the Conference is to encourage discussion of Hillman’s major ideas and concepts in conjunction with psychological as well as cultural topics.
The 2014 event addressed Hillman’s book City and Soul, covering the book’s four sections: Patient as Citizen, Politics of Beauty, Places of Practice, and Responsive Environmentalism.

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